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Sober Evolution is a huge supporter of other recovery and health based companies and we would love to see how we can work together on boosting your brand awareness.


Whether you have a social media account, a business or a movement, we would love to see how Sober Evolution can help.

Take a look below at some of the analytics from our account.

IG Stories

IG Stories remain on the account for 24 hours.
With the amount of followers we have, Instagram allows us to link any website to the story, allowing the viewers to go directly from the image to your website.
We are also able to add your own Instagram name and direct followers to your page, boosting your own following.

IG Posts

IG Posts can either remain on our page for 24 hours or indefinitely.
We are able to add a website url into the image description, but the url does not directly link on Instagram.
We do offer the possibility of posting the same post into our Facebook page, where the url will be linked.
We are also able to tag your own Instagram account name into the description as well.


IG Stories

$75 per linked or tagged story

(only 1 opportunity per week)

IG Posts

$75 per 24hr post

$150 per indefinite post

$200 per indefinite post +

facebook post

(only 1 opportunity per week)

bio link

$100 per 24hrs of having your link on our ig bio

(only 1 opportunity per week)

If you have any questions pertaining to the Sober Evolution promotions, please email us at or fill out the form below.

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